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Best Fidget Spinner Trick Videos

Tricks are part of the fidget spinner experience, if you haven't tried any, you're not getting all the fun it can offer. The beautiful thing about tricks is that there are no strict guidelines, what you can and can't do. It's up to you, you can easily invent new tricks by just fiddling around. You can even combine multiple tricks together to perform your own, like putting a pen through the bearing hole and spinning the fidget while it balances on the tip of the pen. Tricks are being performed by many fidget spinner users because they crave something more...

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List Of The Best Fidget Toys For Adults

Usually, when we're stressed, anxious or lack focus, we feel the need to fidget with anything we can find around ourselves, that might be clicking a pen, playing with keys or just finger drumming on the table and most of the times it's quite annoying to people around us. That's why smart engineers started coming up with ideas for products which could be helpful in these situations. That's how fidget toys were born in late 2016. What's interesting is that research shows that in some cases fidget toys help people get rid of their bad habits like smoking and nail biting....

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